The complexity of today’s building designs requires new roofing techniques that Southern Roofing is fully equipped to meet. Because we specialize in the re-roofing of commercial and municipal buildings, we are familiar with roofs of every age, condition, shape, and size.


We can provide conventional roofing as well as restoration, retro-fitting and single-ply. We are also qualified to remove and dispose of Asbestos roofs. Southern Roofing is one of the few roofing companies that can provide a total range of capabilities.


Re-roofing should not mean a loss of time or business for you. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to ensure a clean and safe operation so your business can continue to run as usual. We take the proven steps to effectively control dirt, dust, odor and debris so that there is no effect on your daily business.


Our safety procedures and daily clean-up practices are so dependable we have earned a top reputation as a re-roofing company for food processing facilities, schools, and hospitals.

At Southern Roofing we guarantee our roofs to be strong and reliable. We can offer extended warantees because we maintain the highest standards of professional workmanship and materials. All of our roofing systems can be waranteed with a manufactures 10, 20, or 30 year no dollar limit warantee covering both labor and materials. Our team maintains our belief in "Quality Without Compromise" and that shows through our long lasting, reliable roofs as well as in our long list of repeat customers.


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 "Quality Without Compromise"